New To Homeschooling?

If you are new to homeschooling or to North Carolina here are some links to help get you started.


North Carolinian’s for Home Education

NCHE (North Carolinians for Home Education) was founded in 1984 by homeschool parents in order to protect the right to educate their children at home.





Opening your Homeschool is easy.

Once you Pick a name and fill out a simple form you are done!  Be sure to pick a school name that you won’t mind listing on future transcripts.  If your child has been in public schools in North Carolina you will need to send them a letter of intent as well.  This website will walk you through all you need to know.





Annual Testing

Here is the largest list of tests available you will ever see.  Please don’t let this overwhelm you.  The annual testing requirement only states you must take one and keep it in your files till the next.  You don’t turn it in, in fact you don’t even have to read the results.


Many use the CAT for it’s ease.

The California Achievement Test, CAT E/Survey (Grades 2, 4-12) is a nationally normed standardized test that measures achievement in the areas of Reading, Language Arts and Math. It meets most states’ requirements for an annual assessment for homeschool and private school use. This is a Core Battery/Survey Edition and takes approximately 2½ hours to administer. NO BACHELOR’S DEGREE REQUIRED!




What style of homeschooling works for your family?

There are many different styles of homeschooling and no child fits in the same box.  Take some time and explore your options.  Let your child guide you to selecting what works for them.  Here’s a very short list of what’s available.


This method scares most.  How do you give up curriculum and know your child is learning what they should?  You would be amazed what they can learn outside a classroom.


“Education should no longer be mostly imparting of knowledge, but must take a new path, seeking the release of human potentialities.”

– Maria Montessori


The Waldorf approach is a holistic liberal arts education where subjects are not separated from one another and education covers body, mind, and spirit. Textbooks are not used until the children are older and then only infrequently, and moral qualities are subtly emphasized through life. Early education is focused on activities and experiences rather than head learning…

Literature Based Learning-

Learning through literature is all about finding books that inspire children.  Taking a step back from textbooks to find books written by those that love what they are teaching.  Books that your children won’t want to put down.  Build Your Library is a secular curriculum that will help you explore this style.


When you are able to step away from the public school mindset you may want to explore a multitude of options, that’s when you fall into the eclectic bubble.  When you reach this point you’ve mastered homeschooling!  You have the confidence to piece together what is right for your child.



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