Oh the places we’ll go…

NC Homeschool Adventures is proud to offer a wide range of activities from weekly to annual gatherings.

Every week you can find us doing one of the following;

  • Hanging out at the park.
  • Caught up in a round of Nerf gun tag.
  • Hiking a trail or biking a greenway.
  • Watching the latest movie at the theater.
  • Making a splash in the pool or digging in the sand
  • Monkey’n around at indoor hot spots when temps aren’t cooperating.
  • Exploring one of the many museums around NC.


All clubs are relaxed child-led opportunities.



Field Trips

We’ll have at least one field trip a month to various locations all over NC.


Annual Events

        • The NOT Back to School Party
        • Mountain Escape
        • Halloween Party
        • Christmas Party
        • Egg Drop and Hunt
        • Field Day
        • Camping Trip to Ocracoke Island
        • History Fair
        • Can Do Challenge
        • Science Fair
        • Disease Detectives
        • Career Day